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Welcome to the Coronet Yacht Club

Coronet Yacht Club was established in 1984 and is run on a non-profit basis. It seeks to support and promote interest in...Coronet boats and yachts. The club has over 1000 members, mainly in Sweden and in the Nordic countries but also in several other countries around the world. A key purpose is to create a network of Coronet owners and to make new original spare parts available as well as to offer logotype accessories.

Become a member and save € or $ - each year!

Our unique collaboration with Atlantica Insurances allows Danish and Swedish members to lower your insurance costs significantly each year.

As a member, you will also have access to parts of the website only enabled to members:

As a member of Coronet Yacht Club you also get our magazine 3-4 times a year as well as connect to other members in discussion forum and more with one common interest - Coronet.

An example


Example (for Swedish members):
Coronet 21 DC, value of SEK 175,000: 1103 SEK/year
Coronet 26 Family, value of SEK 300,000: 1890 SEK/year
Coronet 32 Oceanfarer, value SEK 500,000: 3150 SEK/year
All the premiums above are calculated with a normal deductible of 20 000 SEK. You will keep your claim-free years from another agencies. Assuming in the estimate that you have 10 injury-free years you will not have to pay more than 5 000 SEK with the Coronet Yacht Club agreement.

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Daily Coronet photo

"agterdæk bænke med nyt betræk og hjemmelavet bord ups", Jan Kirkegaard Sørensen, 2005

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