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New Coronet Seafarer 27

No one answered me on the performance of the Seafarer 27 with MCM 4.3s so I had to find out myself! I bought the boat and now I am a proud Coronet owner!

2019-02-04 19:37

Geoffrey 2532308769

To answer myself! At 2800 RPM and clean hull I get 18-20 knots and at 3200 RPM 23-24 knots and the fastest I have gone is 31 knots at 4000 RPM and I have another 4-500 RPM to go!

What a fantastic boat.


2019-12-09 23:40

Geoff Isard

Congrats to your boat, Geoff!

2020-01-22 19:34

Ulrich Kahl
21 Daycruiser

thanks Ulrich

My wife and I love this boat. We live on Vancouver Island and it is a marvelous cruising area.


2020-01-22 19:47

Geoff Isard

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