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MD32a cylinder head bolt tightening

Hi all,

According to previous owner and the volvo service manual, the cylinder head bolts on our MD32a engines should be tightened if the engine has not been run for over 3 months. Is this really the case and if so do I need to loosen each bolt off first before torqueing up? And should I do the valve spacing at the same time?

Thanks in advance,


2019-04-12 14:36

Bernie Warner
31 Aft Cabin

Seems very peculiar, I have not seen this information concerning any motor I've had. it would mean that all motors should have this procedure performed after winter storage. But, I You for this or other reason loosen the bolts and torque them, You must readjust the valve clearance. If it works, don't mess with it is my advice.

2019-04-12 17:59

Jan Kumlien
24 Weekender

Says in the manual to torque to 55 foot pounds this is not enough as i found out the hard way i re fit a new gasket after it blew a few weeks later n torqued to 80 foot pounds n all good so far clean bolts and block threads and use sparce amount of copper grease and a light spray of wd40 on both sides of the gasket and dont mind backing the bolts off after 3 months and retorquing

2020-07-14 20:07


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