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26 Family dual engines

Hi folks and merry Christmas

I have a 26 Family currently in four refurbishment. Thereís no engines, but it used to be a dual installation of some old vp diesels.

As it happens, I have two 230hp V8ís laying around and playing with the idea of installing them.

Whatís your opinion on that? Almost 500hp in a 26 Family. Fun or disaster? Thinking the hull maybe not built for speed as the 24 weekender maybe as it is wider with a keel and all. And it almost flattens out at the stern. I donít know. Anybody heard of an over powered 26F?

2020-12-28 12:02

John Crakuzhi

Hi! Happy Holidays!

Interesting and fun project.
I do nott know about the 26 hulls ability for speed but I guess it Will be overpowered.
But you can probably enjoy low revs at cruising speed.

When I was lurking around with this idea on my 24 Cabin I realized that I will have to do major work on the transom. The oem engines and drives are mounted to close to eachother to accept a double V engine installation.

2020-12-28 12:51

Stefan Elfström
24 De Luxe/24 Cabin
32 Oceanfarer

Well, I've been thinking of that. In my calculations I think it will work as the 26F are wider than the 24 Weekender or the Midi (those are the models I have experience with).

In case of problems, I'll rather rebuild the exhaust before the transom.

Convert the Boat to a single engine and put a reliable diesel in it would probarbly be most peoples choice, However, I am not a great fan of doing this as it involves a lot of work on the transom and also ruins the originality of the boat and its construction

And offcorse, I LOVE having two engines with its reliability, safety and manouverability.

2020-12-28 16:48

John Crakuzhi

I believe it will work out quite well. The issue with the Family-platform is the tendency to overplaning which will be somewhat hindered by the extra weight of dual engines and sterndrives. If the engines are feasible and fresh the dual v8s might be a healthy option! If i was in your seat with no engines laying around i would go with a single 300 hp V8 aiming for 35 knots top speed.

2020-12-28 17:57

Adrian Falk
24 De Luxe/24 Cabin

And........if by chance, you decide not to, and one of your current V8s should ever be in need of a new home, Iím looking for an engine for my 21. (alas, I only need the one).

2020-12-28 19:41

Barry Simpson
21 Explorer II

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