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Re-build engine cover - 21 DC

Hello from Canada, I am must replace several pieces of the engine cover. All the horizontal surfaces must be removes. Some pieces will be sanded and varnished. Others must be sized, cut and varnished. The supports seem to be in good condition. Any information on how the pieces of the cover attach to the supports and to the hull is greatly appreciated! Thanks. -Geoff

2021-03-27 22:24

Geoff Foulds
Saknar båt i Coronetregistret

Do you really need to replace anything? From your picture I think removing the old varnish (hot-air gun and scraper or paint remover), sanding and re-varnishing would be OK.
If you have to remove it start with removing the padding. It is probably fixed from behind with wing nuts. The curved plywood board is bolted to the deck and, together with the side pieces (marked OK in your picture) laminated to the topsides.

2021-03-28 16:01

Mikael Ström
24 Midi
21 Daycruiser

Hello Mikael, thank you very much for the information. I wish the parts of the cover were still in as good condition as in this photo, which is several years old. Do you know if anybody has drawings with measurements of the parts of the engine cover? Thanks, -Geoff

2021-03-28 23:38

Geoff Foulds
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