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Hard steering with Coronet 21 DC

Hi guys,

A new comer here - Iíve been looking Coronet 21 DC for a long time and now I think I found ďthe oneĒ. I went for drive and it was fun, only thing I paid attention was how heavy it was to steer at low speeds (2-5 knots) and requires constant attention. I read it is normal with deep v-hull, but looking here to get the confirmation.
Engine was Volvo penta GXI and itís only 10 years old, stern drive was also Volvo with duoprop and just 5 years old.


2021-07-20 14:14


I canīt answer about the hard steering, but a number of things may need attention: hydraulic or cable steering, power-steering or not, stern drive vertical axle etc.
I can, however, give You some advice about the steering at slow speed; by lowering Your trim-tabs(provided You have them) maximally downvards, some increase in stability can be attained.
Jan Kumlien

2021-07-20 16:53

Jan Kumlien
24 Weekender

Thanks Jan for the reply and tips! I was test driving it last Friday so I canít recall whether the trims (motor or tabs) were up or down at the harbour when we left. At high speed steering felt good, but in slow speeds it was a bit stiff. This was more an observation which I now afterwards started to think if itís some sort of upcoming problem or just normal thing with the boat.

I used to have Fiskars type of a boat (6.5m long, 1000kg, 8hp engine going 5-6 knots tops and built from 1972) and it was relatively easy to turn, so my comparison might be completely irrelevant and this is just normal thing to do with these and I just have to familiarise myself with it if I want to buy the boat :)


2021-07-20 17:56


Hi Miikka,
Just info about my boat's behaviour.
My old DC21 -66 is equipped with the original Steermaster steering. I have a Volvo Penta AQ271C with single prop 280-drive. It is extremely easy to steer at low speed.
I can use my little fingers to control the boat. At higher speed the steering gets "more stiff" but still easy to steer.
In the early 1990-ies I replaced a small plastic bushing in the cable steering gear. The old bushing was worn-out, it resulted in more play and stiffer steering.
I had the new bushing manufactured by a workshop, no spares were available.

2021-07-24 11:41

Johan Arvidsson
21 Daycruiser

Hi Mikka
Have a 22 Sport and it is a little bit wobbly at low speed despite duo prop. Engage trimtabs to max and it will get better and donít oversteer in corrections. Mechanical steering today and might change to hydraulic in future to improve the feeling. If it is hard, check if steering cable are bent to much or lacking grease

2021-07-27 21:38

Peter Sundén
22 Sport

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