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Coronet 33 Houseboat

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Length:10,05 m
Width:3,35 m
Depl:? kg
Year of build:1970
Number of registered boats of this model in the club:2

Coronet 33 Houseboat was introduced at the boat show in Stockholm 1970. The houseboat was a sensation not only because of its elegant design and large cabin space but also because of its maximum speed, c. 25 knots with twin VP 170 hp engines.

Åke Westerlundh who owned a boat wharf outside Stockholm and soled Coronet boats entered the Swedish powerboat race Getingloppet in 1970 and finished number five in his class. Despite considerable attention in media the houseboat was no success. Only 33 Houseboats were built, all in 1970.

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"38 Mediterranean -1984", Erik Hansen, 2000

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