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water drain windscreen Coronet 24 cabin

Hello everybody,
i apologize for my bad English.
I'm seeking help for my Coronet 24 Cabin. In fact, i have would know if on your boats the drain in photo is closed by sikaflex, or should be open.
If i go inside the cabin, the junction between the window upright and the boat looks like its shown in the 2nd photo. Is it correct?
Thank you so much from Italy

2020-12-21 19:45

Daniele Mazzali
24 De Luxe/24 Cabin

Interior view

2020-12-21 19:46

Daniele Mazzali
24 De Luxe/24 Cabin


On my boat there is some sort of sikaflex.

2020-12-21 21:10

Stefan Elfström
24 De Luxe/24 Cabin
32 Oceanfarer

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