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Can you help me?

Dear Club colleagues,
I am Fabio Bianchi, from Italy, and I am the owner of a Coronet 17 Runaboat powered by VOLVO PENTA AQ130.
I have lost all the documents of this engine, how can I recover them?
Furthermore, I would be interested in a series of spare parts, which if you indicate me an interlocutor who can satisfy my needs, I send he the list.
There is an email address to write to for info on spare parts and various accessories.
My mail addres is fabiobanchi2@gmail.com, please contact me in this forum or directly by mail
Thenk's and Bye
Fabio Bianchi

2021-06-17 18:01

Fabio Bianchi
17 Runabout

Not sure of this is what you are looking for but here is a link to a workshop manual http://www.alcanboats.com/newsite_wordpress/wp-content/uploads/WorkshopManual_VolvoPenta_AQ105toAQ170ABC.pdf

You should also register your boat with the club!

2021-06-17 21:18

Maximilian Wassing
21 Explorer II

Hi Fabio, My Family 24 was originally delivered in Italy so I have a Volvo Penta handbook in Italian, I will scan it for you and email to your gmail account

2021-06-22 23:35

Noel McKay
24 Family

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