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Coronet 32 Oceanfarer in UK

Hi there. I am new to the forum and have just (today) bought a 1979 Coronet 32 Oceanfarer. It is in need of a LOT of TLC. I am very keen to keep to the same design/look to the boat as I repair and replace the broken or damaged items on the her. It would be fantastic if you could direct me to suppliers (preferably in the UK) that stock parts and accessories that work for the Coronet boats. There is a lot of work to do but primarily I am looking for:

A bathing platform and ladder system for the transom to easily get on and off the boat. (my father is 92 and really wants to be a part of the journey as we do so I need to ensure he can get on and off the boat first of all!)

Replace the black rubber trim that runs around the gunnels of the boat. I see we have a lovely stainless rail that a specific profile will fit in to but does anyone have information on where to buy this?

I am going to replace the nasty painted wooden ply floorboards with something better to look at. Any recommendations considering the panels need to be lifted every time we want to start the engines?

I need to update the dashboard on the steering console. I have way too many switches! Do any of you have any top tips on how it could look?

Please write back and confirm I have made the right decision by joining this brilliant club.

I will post some photos when I have them and when I figure out why the ones I had picked for you to see wouldn't load.
Thanks in advance.
(Woodbridge, Suffolk)

2021-07-15 01:29

Pippa Murphy
Saknar båt i Coronetregistret

Welcome to the club and congratulations to your 32 OF! This model was built and successively modified during many years, so you need to find out when it was built. Try to find the serial number of the boat, on the inside of the transom (see FAQ on the website). With the serial number we can say exactly when it was built. In the Coronet archive maintained by the club there are numerous photographs, drawings etc. from the factory. In the club's Coronet registry you will find similar boats registered by members in the club. I am sure there are several members who have views on what you could do with the bathing platform, the floorboards, the dashboard, etc. The rub rails along the gunnels are available from the club's web shop, but you need to find out exactly which type you need. Good luck!

2021-07-15 20:16

Kåre Bremer
Medlem och adjungerad styrelseledamot
Saknar båt i Coronetregistret

Thank you Kåre for the welcome and for the reply!

Funnily enough I have been looking on the FAQs but I only see one hyperlink:
"What is Coronet Yachts Club" This leads me to a list of members and the boats. When I click on the Oceanfarer there are no further FAQs on the next landing page.

Is it possible I am doing something wrong?

I would love to know where to find the registration number on the boat. We have not found it yet and have been looking for quite a while....

2021-07-15 23:52

Pippa Murphy

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