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Archive antics..

I have just joined the coronet club being the proud owner of a 31' aft cabin.
It clearly states that on joining the club the archive history will become available.
It does not say that in order to read the said archives you must pay another 200 SEK!
All you get are thumb print photographs that are of such poor quality they are illegible!
Am I doing something wrong?

2021-08-17 16:56

will stevenson
Saknar båt i Coronetregistret

I am replying to my own Rant,
In my excitement and frustration I converted the currency exchange rate incorrectly
and assumed I was paying 2000,SEK!
200 SEK is a much more affordable amount and I apologise for sounding like a cheapskate
on first contact!
The only way is up!

2021-08-17 18:53

will stevenson
Saknar båt i Coronetregistret


Yes I think 200 SEK is ok for a life time access to high resolution pictures.
I hope that you will find lot of information as I have done.
Keep the sunny side up!

2021-08-20 20:44

Stefan Elfström
24 De Luxe/24 Cabin
32 Oceanfarer

Thanks Stefan!
I have already had many enjoyable hours viewing
The images🙂

2021-08-20 20:48


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