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Hull weight of an empty 24' weekender

Hi all, the previous owner of my 24' weekender, was about to cut the boat into peaces. everything is gone, from rotten interior to the transome, so I was left with a fibreglass hull - that's it. So rather than letting him cut it into peaces, I decided to do a 24' Playmate. Right now I am left with the empty hull, and I am wondering if there are any data on empty hulls anywhere. I have tried to look in the archives but without luck (or knowledge where to find it).

The reason why I am asking is, it is the intention to keep it on a trailer, so I can bring the boat on vacation with me, and go exploring (mostly around Sweden). So I need to buy a new car too.. I have the trailer. But to find the right car, I need to know the weight of an empty hull, or at worst an educated guess based on experience.

looking forward to hearing from you.

Br. Lars

2024-02-01 10:20

Lars Ziegler Jensen
Saknar båt i Coronetregistret

Are you going to travel with the empty hull?
Or a fully built 24 Playmate with engine and so on?

You can make some educated guesses here: https://www.archive.coronet.nu/?doSearch=1&strText=5-25-036-162.jpg
A 24 Midi with 2x130hp is listed at 1800kg.
Find out what the engine and drive weight is contra your planned engine package and you will have some base numbers.

See also weight difference between 21 Playmate and 21 Dc.
only 50kg mostly due to heavier engine.
(meaning deck configuration do not affect the weight as much as you may think)

My guess is that you will need a trailer with 1800-2000kg load capacity and att car that can handle that + weight of the trailer itself. (2300-2500kg in total)

If you are planning to build it like a 21 Playmate with all the wood and so on it will add weight. Check out Adrians 24 Playmate: https://www.coronet.nu/?rID=103&doSearch=1&modellID=19&bildtext=
He has made a sleeping area in the bow as well.

2024-02-02 13:29

Stefan Elfström
24 De Luxe/24 Cabin
32 Oceanfarer
21 Daycruiser

Thanks Stefan for contributing and sharing.

I have a 3t trailer, capable of carrying 2400.. sp ✅

Didn’t think about comparing 21dc and playmate - great input.

And you are right about the cabin that I cut off, didn’t really weigh anything, so my thoughts are focus on the interior that was in wood, which I will not have. Structural will be wood (Okume), but the rest will have a Divinycell, to reduce the payload.

Thanks again for your input! MUCH APPRECIATED! 🔝🙏

2024-02-02 16:44


In a way it is sad to cut down a 24 weekender( only about 200 built) to be a open boat, but a intresting, and in its way a nice projket (I, if I had money enough I would cut down to ”playmate” an 30 or 32).
It will be interesting to see how your projekt ends. I think you will have an unique and fine boat.
Just for inspiration; Krause boats, Krause 24, produced a few boats built on the Coronet 24 hull.

Maritn weckman
Iorek, 21 playmate (the last one built)

2024-02-03 17:38

Martin Weckman

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the references - I will def look them up!

I totally agree with you! I hated every second of it. The sad truth is it was a project gone wrong from previous owner. Been for sale for a few years, and nobody wanted to touch it, and as he was moving, it needed to go.
Like everyone here, I love the hull, and the color scheme of Coronet. And I will try to stick as much as possible to this.. also, I love the US center console boats with outboards, so much of the inspiration design wise, will come from here too.. Like, building a bracket with swim platform, etc. as I am re-build the transoms, I will add big stringers to support 300hp.
My current center console has a 150 Etec, and this will used for the first years, till I have more money for a BIG engine. :-) but 150 will be plenty as this boat is not meant for speeding but cruising with the family and dogs on weekends and holidays. We have simply fallen in love with the rocky coat (skærgaarden) in Sweden, and the many lakes. Been to Sweden for the past few years on vacation and even the kids rather want this than Italy, which was our preferred destination in the past.

Anyways. Thanks again Martin, for your thoughts.

2024-02-04 02:51

Lars Jensen

Ps, sorry for the spelling it’s to early and on an IPhone :-)

Pps I was actually looking at a 28’ Bayliner, another project gone wrong, but it is too wide to trailer. And since it’s going to be a trailer boat, I had to downsize, and that was when I ran into this hull..

2024-02-04 03:08

Lars Jensen

I "raped" my midi 24 and mounted a Honda 225 on it with a big setback. Whitout engines, seatmounts, seats, gastank, etc but a newbuild transom ( duoble thickness to the original) it weighted 1180kgs. The setback and engine + plastic 100l gas tank added 345 kg. with 30 liters of gasoline it weights now 1550kg. The under cabin interior i left original. I absolutely love the boat. max speed is 43 knots, at 20-25 knots Ill manage to get 1l/nm and the "snakeing" at under 7 knots it totally gone. I plan witrh trimpads at 12-13 knots.. The only negative: shes a little bit stumppier in heading waves, thats because shes lighter and the center of weight is a little bit higher than inboard version.

2024-05-16 21:01

sebastian Liljeberg

Thank you so much for you feedback, Sebastian! Highly appreciated!

I too am looking at building a fairly large setback, apprx 2’ raising the cavitation plates apprx 5”. I think it’s gonna be great.

2024-05-16 22:45


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