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As member of the Coronet Yacht Club, you receive the club magazine - Coronet News - featuring interesting articles and stories, tips and tricks and much more. It is published 3 times a year.
In Sweden, the club has a close cooperation with Atlantica Insurances allowing member very cheap insurance on our boats. In the member directory you can see who has the same boat model as you and the engine with which it is equipped. Other services on the website for members only are our web shop where you can find among things spare parts for your Coronet!
In addition, you will get to meet a lot of nice people with a common interest: Coronet.

Apply for Coronet Yacht Club membership by filling out the form below. Membership currently costs (annually): 400 SEK.

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This is how personal information is processed:

What personal data is kept?

  • First name and last name
  • Contact details (eg e-mail address, phone)
  • Identifier (eg membership number, IP address)
  • Records (eg membership queries, membership date, paydate)

Why are your personal details stored?

  • In order to enable the club's services and operations (e.g, mailing, webshop)
  • In order to enable and facilitate management of your membership (e.g. invoicing)

Who could access your personal information?

  • Authorized persons (eg the Board, system administrator)
  • Subcontractors (eg system operations, controllers)

What happens to my information when membership is ceased?

  • If you end your membership, your information will be marked with status: Inactive

How can data be deleted?

  • To delete, edit or request individual information, contact the Board
  • If the Coronet Yacht Club is terminated, all data will be deleted.

When can data be processed without consent?

  • Where agreement has been entered (membership)
  • When different laws are to be followed (compliance and control)
  • When exercising authority (audit)

Who is personally responsible?

  • Coronet Yacht Club
  • Organization Number: 802446-3823

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